Winter Collection

Please find below some of our Chalets in Courchevel, Megeve, Chamonix, Verbier and Zermatt; due to privacy reasons many of these exclusive chalets cant be shown online, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information at

Chalet Snow Heart n° 44

Chalet Grey

Apartment Caesar

Apartment Orna

Chalet Artemide

Apartment Karinzia 6

Chalet Ethel

Chalet Mustang I

Chalet Concordia

Apartment Diamond

Chalet Mustang

Chalet Muztagh

Chalet Panmah

Apartment Pricess

Chalet Baltoro

Chalet Sissi

Apartment Lodge

Chalet Sweet Dream

Chalet Iulius

Chalet Tobi

Chalet Shanti

Chalet Little Queen Relais

Chalet White Pearl

Chalet Dolce Vita Cortina

Chalet Perla

Chalet Mont Blanc

Chalet Babette

Chalet Aspen

Apartment Karinzia

Chalet Elba

Chalet Alma

Chalet Lord

Chalet Baloon

Chalet Viola

The Mazot Estate

Chalet Georgia

Chalet Hideaway

Chalet Frost

Chalet Alpine Dream

Chalet Hope

Chalet Fenix

Chalet Mon Amour

Chalet Maya

Chalet Lodge

Chalet Black Pearl

Chalet Milva

Chalet Tamara

Chalet Ally

Chalet Isa

Chalet Rouge

Chalet Bordeaux

Chalet Esprit

Chalet Hereuse

Chalet Clarissa

Chalet Audrey

Chalet Eight

Chalet Krum

Chalet Chris

Chalet Thérèse

Chalet Elegance

Chalet Marion

Chalet Chez Nous

Chalet Granoise

Chalet Ardy

Chalet Abruzes

Chalet Bellecote

Chalet Black

Chalet Silky

Chalet White

Chalet Rock

Chalet Hue

Chalet Cocoon

Chalet Soyer

Chalet Harmond

Chalet Hameau

Chalet Les Houches

Grand Chalet Snow Heart

Chalet Snow Heart n°4

Chalet Snow Heart n°6

Chalet Jeode

Chalet Alliance

Chalet Malamute

Chalet Marilyn

Chesa Sönne

Chesa White Cross

Chalet Sam Sam

Chesa TownHeart

Chalet K2

Chalet Dalmat

Apartment Coeur de Megève

Apartment White Gardens

Chalet Kindness

Chalet San Cassiano

Chalet Snow Pearl

Chalet Tree Lodge

Chalet Snow Palace

Chalet Chateaux

Chalet Dolomites

Chalet Kappa

Chalet Nirvana

Chalet Matterhorn

Chalet White Cloud

Chalet Verbier One

Chalet Grangettes

Chalet Plantrey

Chalet Bossons

Chalet des Aguilles

Chalet Monfort Blanche

Chalet Elysia

Chalet Angel